Project Description

Develop an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign to drive more conversions

3D Printing Ally is outstanding at delivering detailed, quick-turn 3D printed parts. They offer some of the fastest lead times, at a very competitive price in a cutting-edge industry of 3D printed parts. With rising cost-per-click numbers and an increasingly-competitive industry, Digital Solutions was tasked with developing a cost-effective campaign that drove bottom-line revenue to 3D Printing Ally.

Devising the perfect advertisements

Developing a cost-effective campaign meant managing bid cost every time a potential corporate client clicked on one of 3D Printing Ally’s advertisements. Digital Solutions revamped the campaign, targeting the highest-converting keywords, utilizing ad extensions and creative messaging within the advertisements to not only drive more traffic through the ads, but also attract the highest-converting type of client to best serve 3D Printing Ally through their online quote engine landing page.

Results: leads, leads, leads

3D Printing Ally immediately saw a return on their investment through Digital Solutions’ pay-per-click advertising strategy. Through conversion tracking in their quote engine portal, it is estimated that they saw about a $12 return for new projects on every $1 of advertising they spent with us. Overall, this has been the most lucrative advertising venue for their firm.