Marketing for Beginners: Focusing Your Demographic

Marketing for Beginners: Focusing Your Demographic Featured Image

Nathan Smock Blog Author Photo Nathan Smock - Dec 03, 2017
In part 3 of our series on marketing for beginners, we'll discuss focusing your demographic. Any marketing efforts will be lost if you don't have a clear picture of exactly who you're marketing to. Sending emails and direct mail about your new denture products are going to be lost if it ends up in the mailbox or inbox of a 25 year old woman. It starts with research. Though this seems obvious, many small businesses feel that market research is a waste of time and funds. That's simply not the case. Instead of viewing demographics research as an expense, it should be viewed as an investment in your future and your business, just like paying for website development and a storefront is an investment. One of the best ways of focusing your demographic is being in the places where your business leads are likely to exist. It's just as important to be present in the real world of your demographics as it is to exist online. Join networking groups that appeal to the needs of your demographics and set up booths at those events. There, you can offer coupons or raffle tickets for sharing their contact information. Even if they aren't interested in your product today, they may be more interested when they're receiving deals and offers in their inbox. Another great method for focusing your demographic is using online polling systems. Ask your current customers to participate in surveys to be entered for a chance to win free products or discounts. If they're honest with their feedback, you can gain valuable insight into the needs of your demographic. Finally, be sure that your website is responsive and engaging. One of the biggest turn-offs for any demographic is a website that doesn't respond the way that your customer expects it to. Digital Solutions can help you get started. Contact us today and share what your demographic's needs are. From there, we can use our experience in digital marketing to get you started.

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