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Nathan Smock Blog Author Photo Nathan Smock - Jul 13, 2017
Creating a powerful website for a small law firm is an outstanding way to bring more clients to your company. Potential clients are seeking out excellent attorneys, despite the size of the firm. Paying close attention to your law firm website design can lure clients in and keep them on your website longer.   The first step is making sure that you have all of the information available for the site. Some of the most important information that you can have when thinking about law firm website design includes biographies of your attorneys. These should outline not only their education, credentials, and specialities, but should also be appealing on a personal level. Including information about families, favorite local hangouts, and their most celebrated victory (following confidentiality guidelines) can be personable and appealing. Most people seeking out an attorney are feeling stressed, anxious, and isolated. Inviting them in with a friendly biography is an excellent strategy to draw them in and keep them there.   Another powerful law firm website design tool is making the site as accessible as possible. Not every person who visits your site is going to be a digital native. Assuring that information about the history of the firm, the types of cases that you take, and the contact information is visible and easy to find is imperative. If clients have to spend too much time clicking around, they will quickly start looking for a site that doesn’t require so much work.   Finally, don’t take on the task alone. Experts in law firm website design are better able to create appealing websites because it’s their specialty. Just as we wouldn’t expect a doctor to defend a client in court, you wouldn’t expect just anyone to design your website. Digital Solutions is the kind of expert you’re looking for. With nearly two decades in website design, the team can craft an intuitive, appealing law firm website.

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