Content Marketing vs Storytelling

"Content is king" has been the mantra of the content marketing world for years now. In essence, the saying is true -- it is difficult/expensive to increase your websites visibility and loyalty without content. All web marketing starts with content. But I believe we can go a step further. As Google has shown us over

7 “Do’s” to Create Valuable Content (Plus a little bonus)

The process of creating regular, ongoing, consistent content can do a lot of positive things for your business, like: Builds your brand SEO Supplements Marketing efforts Reputation management Trust Authority But often times it can be difficult to continually be creative and come up with topics for content that will achieve your goals. I defiantly

Why Content Marketing is Like Basketball

I was watching a very insightful video by Rand Fishkin over at where he is talking about a very common misconception of Content Marketing. He explains that people tend to think that the whole content marketing process happens in three general steps: